The Selection of Hand-Crafted Beers at Bilbo’s

Bilbo's Brewery

In the age of microbrews, it’s fairly common to see breweries offering food options alongside their beer menus. It’s much rarer to see an established restaurant develop their own line of craft beers to complement their food.

It’s a little-known fact that Bilbo’s is the third oldest brewery in Kalamazoo. Originally, when we were still located in the Campus Pointe Mall, our owner John Hindman set about creating a line of beers that could stand confidently beside our customers’ favorite foods. From pan pizzas and oven-baked grinders to homemade soups and authentic pasta, John knew that his beers had a legacy to live up to.

Over time, John honed his craft, tightened up his recipes and settled on a selection of microbeers that have earned the praise of Bilbo’s local patrons. And, ultimately, that’s what the endeavor has always been about: creating a unique and meaningful dining experience with a focus on serving the local community.

Let’s take a look at Bilbo’s rotating offerings:

Wizard Wheat – A traditional mild lager with a nice, distinct flavor and a smooth finish.

Sledgehammer – An English ale with a toasty flavor and a slightly higher alcohol content.

Dragon Red Ale – A top fermenting ale characterized by its subtle sweetness.

Bilbo’s Light – A clean, balanced beer with subtle, slightly fruity notes.

Raspberry Wheat – Our most popular light lager, Wizard Wheat, sweetened by natural raspberry.

Duff – A Springfield favorite, Duff features a light copper color and hints of chocolate.

Thunderbird – An unfiltered IPA, this beer has a rich flavor and a noticeable hop kick on the finish.

Honey Porter – Distinctive hopping brings out the honey flavor of this beer.

Cherry Wheat – Bilbo’s most popular light lager, Wizard Wheat, with hints of natural cherry.

While some brews are seasonal and not available at all times, we regularly have a number of our microbrews on tap. So if you’re looking for a nice place to unwind after a long day, stop in to Bilbo’s, order up a few slices of pizza and give one of John’s lovingly-crafted brews a try!

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