Take Home a Bottle of Bilbo’s Legendary House Salad Dressing


Before we started selling our homemade house dressing at Bilbo’s, customers would always ask how it was made. Over the years, we’ve entertained some wild and implausible theories, as well as a few well-reasoned guesses. Eventually, however, we reached a turning point: either we had to provide a recipe or start bottling the dressing.

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The Selection of Hand-Crafted Beers at Bilbo’s

Bilbo's Brewery

In the age of microbrews, it’s fairly common to see breweries offering food options alongside their beer menus. It’s much rarer to see an established restaurant develop their own line of craft beers to complement their food. It’s a little-known fact that Bilbo’s is the third oldest brewery in Kalamazoo. Originally, when we were still located in the Campus Pointe Mall, our owner John Hindman set about creating a line of beers that could stand confidently beside our customers’ favorite foods.

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