Take Home a Bottle of Bilbo’s Legendary House Salad Dressing


Before we started selling our homemade house dressing at Bilbo’s, customers would always ask how it was made. Over the years, we’ve entertained some wild and implausible theories, as well as a few well-reasoned guesses. Eventually, however, we reached a turning point: either we had to provide a recipe or start bottling the dressing.

Creamy and with a slightly zestier and more tangy flavor than traditional Italian dressing, we now sell our custom salad dressing in convenient, refrigerator-friendly bottles. With long-time customers describing the dressing as “unique and delicious” and “pretty much magic,” we’re confident that even the most discerning salad fan will be pleased to have a bottle of Bilbo’s in the pantry.

In fact, many of our customers have recommended a variety of uses for the dressing. From using it as a replacement for mayonnaise on sandwiches to using it as a marinade for chicken, pork or steak, our house dressing isn’t just delicious, it’s versatile.

At Bilbo’s, we’ve been dishing out high-quality pizza, salads and sandwiches since 1976. In that time, we’ve worked tirelessly to improve our menu, refine our dishes and perfect our craft. Whether you’re looking to take home a bottle of our homemade dressing or a slice of our legendary pulled pork pizza, we’re certain that your taste buds will thank you!

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