We at Bilbo's are all looking forward to Spring and Summer. The patio will soon be open and with that, we will be serving up some refreshing beverages along with our regular menu.

Our hours are Sunday through Wednesday from Noon until 9pm, and Thursday through Saturday from Noon until 11pm.

We look forward to seeing all of our regular customers and hopefully some new faces, too.

-Your friends at Bilbo's

  • Chicken Wings, Smoked On Site
    Chicken Wings, Smoked On Site

    Our smoked wings are prepared every day, on site and are guaranteed to be the most delectable wings in all the land! We let our wings speak for themselves. The natural smoky flavor of the chicken can be complemented by a number of homemade sauces that are served on the side. Try some and you can taste the time and effort that went into perfecting these wings.

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  • Bilbo's is Hiring!
    Join the Bilbo's Team!

    Bilbo's is currently looking for help at our Stadium location. We're an outgoing, fun-loving group with a passion for pizza and local beer. Whether you've got years of restaurant experience under your belt or you're new to the game, we'll train you on the job. So if you're in the market, stop by to fill out an application or drop off a resume!

  • The Best Beers In Middle Earth
    The Best Beers In Middle Earth

    As any fan knows, beverages are a major part of life in Tolkien's world. It is within the weathered walls of an ancient inn that the book's intrepid band of heroes share a pint before meeting with a fated king. At Bilbo's we've paid special attention to our drink offerings and pay an equal amount of respect to the hallowed beverage. With a selection of local beers, wines and daily specials, we're certain to offer something that will satisfy the taste buds of dwarf, Hobbit and human alike.

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  • Bilbo's Legendary Cheezy Stix
    Bilbo's Legendary Cheezy Stix

    A local favorite, wanderers make their way to Bilbo's from all corners of the city to partake in our legendary cheezy stix. Thick, soft crust topped with a blend of cheeses then smothered in garlic butter and parmesan, our cheezy stix can be eaten plain, with marinara or with our house-made creamy dill sauce. No matter your station – hero or villain – we are certain of one thing: all people are united by their love of Bilbo's cheezy stix.

  • Our Beloved House Salad Dressing
    Our Beloved House Salad Dressing

    Served with our range of salad offerings, our house salad dressing has earned quite a reputation for itself. Creamy and slightly zestier than traditional Italian dressing, we had so many requests from customers wanting to take it home that we decided to bottle it up and offer it for sale  From using it as a substitute for mayo on sandwiches to using it as a marinade for your favorite meats and seafood, our dressing is delicious on more than just salads!

  • Bilbo's "Health Nut" Pizza
    Bilbo's "Health Nut" Pizza

    Our top option for health-conscious eaters, our "Health Nut" pizza is served on stone ground whole wheat crust. Topped with low salt tomato sauce, low fat part skim blended cheese and a basketful of fresh vegetables, this pizza keeps the calories to a minimum without sacrificing flavor. From mushrooms and onions to green peppers and zucchini, we've packed more flavor into this healthy pizza than there are dwarves in a goldmine.

Since 1976, Kalamazoo's Original Pan Style Pizza

Our menu is designed to do battle with empty stomachs and slay hunger. We've got you covered whether you're stopping in with the whole family for a table full of grinders and an order of cheezy stix, or you're just dropping by on your lunch break to grab some pizza by the slice.